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On Halloween Eve 2009 The S.K.I.P.S. Team (now known as American Ghost Riders), captures orb activity in the old segregated black section of Mount Hope Cemetery of Independence, Kansas. ABOUT AMERICAN GHOST RIDERS A.G.R. AKA; American Ghost Riders was founded by Husband and Wife Team The GYPSY and Debbie George. Originally known as S.K.I.P.S. AKA; Southeast Kansas Investigators (of the) Paranormal (and) Supernatural which was founded in October 2009. The S.K.I.P.S organization came about as a request from S.P.I.E.S. (Salpulpa Paranormal Investigations (and) Extreme Studies) founder Robert Sherman to S.P.I.E.S. member Sheila Sharp, a mutual friend, to The GYPSY and Debbie to form a Kansas Chapter. Thus was born S.K.I.P.S. When S.K.I.P.S. was organized we knew that we did not want to limit our studies to just one area of the unexplained, the unusual or the unexpected. That is why S.K.I.P.S. looked into a wide range of extreme occurrences and studies. As we became more involved in these studies we began to realize that though the S.K.i.P.S. name accurately described what our organization was about it did not fully encompass what we, as researchers do and the wide scope of related topics we investigate: • Cemeteries: These Mansions of the dead hold their secrets close and are some of the haunted places in the World. Some of the dead walk the avenues of their bodies final resting place. Investigation into the Spirits that attach themselves to these places can bring about a better understanding of our own spirits desires in the afterlife. • Cryptozoology: Refers to the search for animals which are considered to be legendary or otherwise nonexistent by mainstream biology. This includes looking for living examples of animals which are extinct, such as dinosaurs; animals whose existence lacks physical support but which appear in myths, legends, or are reported, such as Bigfoot and el Chupacabra; and wild animals dramatically outside of their normal geographic ranges, such as phantom cats or "ABC"s (An acronym commonly used by Cryptozoologists that stands for Alien Big Cats). • Demonology: Is the systematic study of demons or beliefs about demons. Insofar as it involves exegesis, demonology is an orthodox branch of theology. It is the branch of theology relating to superhuman beings who are not gods. It deals both with benevolent beings that have no circle of worshippers or so limited a circle as to be below the rank of gods, and with malevolent beings of all kinds. • Ghost Towns: America is filled with places that came and went, their hey day a thing of the past and their tales the stories of legends. These villages of the past should have their history preserved for future generations. • Monuments: Unexplained forces both natural and supernatural attach themselves to places held sacred to man. Man has a desire to know why and how these places effect our existence. • Occult Phenomenon: The word occult comes from the Latin word occultus (clandestine, hidden, secret), referring to "knowledge of the hidden". The term occult is also used as a label given to a number of magical organizations or orders, and the teachings and practices as taught by them. • Paranormal Activity: A general term that describes unusual experiences that lack a scientific explanation, or phenomena alleged to be outside of science's current ability to explain or measure. Notably, paranormal phenomena also lack scientific evidence. • Spiritualism: Is a monotheistic belief system or religion, postulating a belief in God, but the distinguishing feature is belief that spirits of the dead can be contacted, either by individuals or by gifted or trained "mediums", who can provide information about the afterlife. • Supernatural Occurrences: Pertains to an order of existence beyond the scientifically visible universe. Religious miracles are typically supernatural claims, as are spells and curses, divination, the belief that there is an afterlife for the dead, and innumerable others. • UFOlogy: Is a neologism coined to describe the collective efforts of those who study unidentified flying object (UFO) reports and associated evidence. While ufology does not represent an academic field of research, UFOs have been subject to various investigations over the years. We also started to notice that our association with the S.P.I.E.S. group was becoming distant and that we were conducting more investigations on our own with little interaction from them. So it was on April 1, 2010 that S.K.I.P.S. became independent and morphed into A.G.R. We feel that the title of American Ghost Riders more fully and accurately describes our organization and what we are: Bikers that investigate the unusual, the unexplained and the unknown.

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Posted On: 10/19/2010
YouTube User: AmericanGhostRiders [Alert]
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